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RSL Education provides high quality educational resources for students of all ages. All materials are free to use and are aligned with the Australian Curriculum. RSL Education aims to provide educators, parents and the wider community with learning resources for primary and secondary school students which highlight Australia's role in conflicts and peacekeeping operations from around the world.


This website is designed to educate and inspire primary and secondary students to continue to commemorate the sacrifices of our servicemen and women so we can live in peace.

Educators and Parents

All resources developed for RSL Education are designed by educators for educators, ensuring that they are aligned to the Australian Curriculum. Our detailed resources aim to support in unit and lesson planning and use RSL Queensland's repository of knowledge and experience gained through the thousands of veterans who are members of RSL Queensland.

To further enhance the learning experience for your students, why not consider an incursion and invite a veteran into your classroom? Veterans can provide first-hand knowledge and deepen your students understanding across a range of learning areas. For more information on how to organise a visit from a Veteran, download our helpful guide below and contact your local RSL Sub Branch.

RSL Sub Branches and Members

As veterans, you have firsthand experience and knowledge of many of the conflicts, peacekeeping and disaster relief operations that Australia has been involved in around the world. By being involved in incursions and organising a visit to a classroom, you are helping the next generation to gain a far deeper understanding that can't be obtained from a book, research, photo or video. For information on how to prepare and organise for a school visit, download our helpful guide below.

A guide to School Visits  file_download